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Since 2010, we have been providing training courses for software, finance/accounting, electronics and job search skills (resume and interview).  Our goal is to help you start a rewarding career by teaching you the skills required by the job markets.  Unlike the regular, academic courses, our courses have the following features:

1. Instead of pure theory, each course teaches you the practical knowledge, standards and procedures required in the workplace
2. Where applicable, each course gives you hands-on training with real projects running on dedicated facilities and platforms
3. Each course offers your resume preparation assistance and interview training based on your background and the job you plan to look for.  In addition, dedicated resume and interview training courses are available to help you get started with your new career with ease. 

We don’t hire full-time teachers.  Instead, our teachers are currently working for large organizations in Toronto and nearby areas.  They are the experts in the areas they teach, such as Quality Assurance (QA) and Accounting. Therefore they have the in-depth knowledge and expertise for workplace activities and job search.

Keep in mind that no training courses can guarantee a job for you.  Our goal is to help you become a better candidate for the job you deserve.


Here’s a testimonial from one of our happy students:

“I used to be an accountant.  My friends told me that QA was a good career choice after I came to Canada.  So I went through Mr. Mo's QA training course.  Mr. Mo also helped me prepare my resume and improve my interview skills.  I finally got a QA job with an annual salary over $60,000. ”
- Iris

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